Here’s why we purchased this Towson rowhome with cash (and what we did with it)

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Towson Rowhome | Loch Raven Village

Why did we buy this Towson Rowhouse?

We purchased this home with cash, as-is from a an elderly woman that was going to start living with her son because she it was becoming too much to walk up and down the steps in her three-level Towson house. She was ready to start living on one level and be with her loved ones. This homeowner found us because she did a search on the Better Business Bureau, found our profile, called us, and we picked up on the first ring! We met with her and her son two days later, made her a fair offer, and then we even helped her move her belongings.

For this purchase, it was more about helping her than it was just buying her house. She had a lot of belongings that she didn’t want to part with (and a lot that she did want to get rid of!) So we helped her with both. We met with her several times before we bought the property to assist her with moving furniture, organizing the moving details with her son, and even had a yard sale for her for what was left over. At closing, we sent our title company to her home so she could sign comfortably and not have to find a ride to closing because she didn’t drive anymore.

After we were finished helping her, we shared a good laugh because we were surprised to hear that no one else even bothered to call her back from their number listed at the BBB! You know… the Better Business Bureau!We know that not everyone takes their businesses as seriously as we do, and we know that is what sets us apart.

What did we do with this Towson Rowhouse?

We thought it was a great opportunity for a first time buyer, so we listed it in its current condition in the mls (multiple listing service). Well, it didn’t quite go as we had planned. As it turns out, the market told us that buyers need to see fresh paint, and some sprucing up of a home before they are willing to buy it. So, we took it off the mls and replaced the countertops, floors, and painted the entire house top to bottom. After a month of making improvements we put it back on the market and we ended up selling it to a Veteran who truly needed a place to move into before Christmas. So, the timing was perfect! We strive to create win-win opportunities for all parties. This is one of those instances that it happened to work out that way for the original owner, and the buyer we sold it to after a few months of owning the property.

What’s next?

This particular property is scheduled to close in the middle of December so we’re actively searching for our next opportunity to purchase! Do you know anyone who is thinking about selling, but isn’t sure where to start? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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