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Jared’s Review

Testimonial 23
“Hi everybody. Josh and his team did a tremendous job. Even from the beginning of this whole process, it took about seven months to actually get the deal done. That’s because it was something that was on my end. But Josh and his team followed up thoroughly throughout the whole entire process, had a lot of empathy and understanding of my situation. Very knowledgeable about the business and stuck to his word. The transaction happened very quickly once I was able to sell the property. And I will definitely recommend Josh and his team going forward.”

“Yes. So Josh mentioned to me that they would buy our house cash out and they actually followed through with that. And it was an easy process. The title company, Josh, and the folks that came to the property to take the photos, everyone, everything went smooth. And at the end of the day, I did my follow-ups with the banks and the title company paid the banks. And at the end of the day, I no longer own the property and we are both happy, win-win post situation.”

“Yes, of course. I would definitely recommend Josh and his team to others. Especially working with Josh, as I mentioned before, his communication and thoroughness and follow up and feedback has been tremendous. It really helped in a situation where you may be in a bind and you need someone, or just someone to just property off of you. He made that process very smooth and not as stressful as it could be.”

Rose’s Review

Testimonial 22
“You guys did a great job. I appreciate everything. Everything was done according to what you said when you first spoke to me, prior to me actually selling the property. It was in a timely fashion. You allowed me to pick the closing date and it was done exactly as planned, exactly what you said was going to happen.”

“I sure would. As a matter of fact, I’ve already spoken to some individuals that was thinking about selling their property because of the way the economy is right now, it’s a seller’s market at this time, not a buyer’s market. So I don’t know if anybody contacted you guys, but I did talk to some friends.”

Josh’s Review

Testimonial 21
“I think you did very well. I really appreciate interacting with you and your team. I had a particular situation where I had bought a house from my daughter and she needed to not have it on her financial records, so she could qualify for a mortgage for a new house she wanted to live in, but I just wanted to buy it from her. And then I wanted to turn around and sell it very quickly without doing any fixing up myself and the organization was perfect for purchasing it from me for what I thought was a fair price. And the transaction went through more quickly and more smoothly than I anticipated. So I appreciated the interaction that we had.”

“Absolutely. Everything went very smoothly for me. And I was just saying that I’m a retired business school professor so I have very high standards for how organizations operate and your organization met or exceeded those high standards.”

Tracy’s Review

Testimonial 20
“I have heard horror stories. I’ve heard everybody tell me that these companies and these kind of situations with kind of buy your house overnight kind of things never worked out, and the customer always got the losing end of the deal. And this was absolutely not the case. You guys were there for me. You did everything you told me you were going to and you exceeded my expectations. You made me so comfortable. I was a very nervous seller. I had skeptical things the whole time and you guys were awesome. You talked to me day, night, anytime at all. You reached out to me and comforted me, and it was fantastic.”

“I would highly recommend you. Not only just the way you did this, but the way that you guys personalized it and were there for me and comforted me. Like I said, I text you guys day in and day out and you were fantastic, so I would highly recommend this. I still can’t believe it’s over. I’m in my new house. My old house is gone. Everything is perfect and you guys were the reason for that, and I greatly appreciate you.”

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Frank’s Review

Testimonial 19
“You were very upfront about the entire process and your ability to close on the house was probably the number one thing that worked well for us.”

Steve’s Review

Testimonial 17
“Josh is the man. Not only did we get an earlier settlement than what he suggested, that everything went so smooth. He has a wonderful title company, a wonderful little staff he works with and himself. I’d recommend him to anybody.”

Sarah’s Review

Testimonial 16
“He did very well. I highly recommend him. He’s on the job. He’s met every appointment, everything on schedule and I’m pleased.”

Mike’s Review

Testimonial 14
“Great guy, good to do the business with. What an awesome person. Looking forward to maybe working, sell more properties to Josh.”

Lou’s Review

Testimonial 11
“Absolutely. It was a good deal. We moved it up a few times, but we got and here we are, we made the deal. It’s a little sentimental for me, because I love the house. But I wish him luck, he’s a good man. Thank you.”

Scott’s Review

Testimonial 10
“I really like working with Josh. It was easy. It was quick. He worked with us to make sure that we were comfortable with everything, and I’d highly recommend him. I’d work with him again.”

Ms. Donna’s Review

Testimonial 9
“You did wonderful. And I really recommend Josh. He got down details, he answered my questions, open front. Couldn’t ask for a better man.”

Ms. Rosalyn’s Review

Testimonial 7
“Did everything he said he was going to do very quickly. He sold the house and closed on the house all in two months. That’s record time to me. We went through the process of settlement right after he saw it. Again, exactly, you went to view the house exactly two months ago today.”

Get a Fast Cash Offer For Your House

Fair Price. No Fees. No Repairs Necessary. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call: 410-824-1687 for a cash offer now. .
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Jackie and Bob’s Review

Testimonial 6
Jackie: “Yes, you did. Everything you said you were going to do, you did. And we closed today and we’re off and running.”

Bob: “Yeah, everything went smoothly.”

Nico’s Review

Testimonial 5
“He’s definitely an honest guy. Very easy to work. I will definitely work with him again.”

Dave’s Review

Testimonial 4

“Everything went well, everything went smooth. Whatever Josh told me on the very first day of our meeting is what has happened. And he worked through everything very quickly and expeditiously. I’m pleased with the results.”

Brenda’s Review – Selling An Inherited Property Fast!

Impact Home Team 5 Star Testimonial From Ms Brenda in Baltimore Maryland

Process went very smoothly. I was very satisfied. There were a few hiccups along the way but we were able to straighten those out in a timely manner. And I was just totally satisfied with everything. The way it was handled, the way everything was settled. And I must add this because I feel that I have to, the deciding factor for me choosing Impact was, Josh Hines. He’s a person of high integrity, I could just tell it. And he did business the way I like to do business. He was forthright, upfront, very interested in what was going on with me and the project. He put a personal touch on it. And I was really satisfied with absolutely everything.




Amelia’s Review – Selling A Rental Property In Dundalk (Baltimore County)


Amelia called us because she was getting ready to retire and was no longer looking to own her investment property. She simply didn’t want to manage the rental property anymore.

It was a great process, Josh gave me a fair price, it was just a very good experience so I would recommend him to anyone else who wants to sell their house. Very reliable.” -Amelia


#Baltimore County


Kia’s Review – Selling A House Before Foreclosure In Baltimore


Kia was facing foreclosure on the property. She wants to walk away with some money for her and her sister. Her mom passed in 2005 without a will and she was in a really difficult situation.

Josh helped out. He was true to every word he said to me and I’m very grateful.” -Kia



Brad’s Review – Selling An Inherited Property In Parkville (Baltimore County)

Brad's testimonial of selling his house in Parkville, MD for cash - Impact Home Team

Brad’s house was the first home we bought in 2019. He had inherited a property that he was trying to renovate on his own. He spent a lot of time driving back and forth to the property in hope he would be able to get all the repairs done completed himself.

Like many people would, Brad became frustrated with the amount of work needed to actually get the house ready for the market. He knew he needed to sell his house without a realtor. So we ended up giving Brad the exact price he wanted, in cash and closed without any headache!


George’s Review – Selling A Vacant House In Middle River (Baltimore County)

George's testimonial of selling his vacant house fast for cash - Impact Home Team

We met Mr. George because he had a house that was sitting vacant. George’s brother had been residing in his home until a few months before we bought it. This was a beautiful waterfront lot with a small home on the property that needed a great deal of work.

Since George did not want to sell his house with a real estate agent, he was relieved when we were willing to purchase his home for cash and gave him the price he wanted! We knew with the right vision someone would enjoy living at this home for many years to come! George was able to get cash for his vacant home fast.



Gary’s Review – Selling A Vacant Home Fast In Parkville (Baltimore County)

Gary's testimonial of selling his vacant house for cash - Impact Home Team

When we ran into Gary, we knew he had his hands full! At our evaluation of his vacant house, we learned at the same time the house had been occupied by squatters who stole his copper pipes leaving a disaster with a flooded basement and garbage everywhere.

We worked with Gary on fixing the plumbing and cleaning out the house before we even bought the home!




Calvin’s Review – selling rental property for cash 

Calvin's testimonial on selling his rental property for cash - Impact Home Team

Mr. Calvin had a rental property that he was ready to sell in order to begin his retirement. He was tired of being a landlord and ready to move on to his next phase! We purchased his home from him on his terms and worked closely with him so he was completely comfortable with every aspect of the transaction. Every person we work with has different needs!




Jack’s testimonial – A need to sell his house fast for cash

Jack's Testimonial of selling his house fast - Impact Home Team

When we met Jack, he had been living in his home for many years alone since his wife passed away. Jack and his family reached out to Impact Home Team so he could sell his house for cash without making any repairs. We helped Jack clear his home out prior to even purchasing it. We knew he needed more help than just selling his house for cash. We created a win win deal and gave Jack the cash he needed to move closer to his family.



Yvonne’s testimonial – selling an inherited property

Yvonne's testimonial of selling her vacant house for cash

Yvonne and her sisters had inherited a property that she needed to sell quickly to settle an estate. The home had also been sitting vacant for several years so it needed a good bit of work. We bought her house for cash, and on their timeline to make it work for everyone involved. Creating win-win opportunities is what we are all about!




Get a Fast Cash Offer For Your House

Fair Price. No Fees. No Repairs Necessary. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call: 410-824-1687 for a cash offer now. .
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“Working with Josh and Ashley from Impact Home Team on the sale of my property in Parkville was super easy and very convenient. They treated me well and communication during the process was superb.  I needed to sell my house fast and they made a fast cash offer, then bought it fast (10 days)! I would definitely work with them again and trust them to buy anyone’s property who needs to sell.”

-Jeffrey, (sold his Parkville home to Impact Home Team in 8/2017)

“When I couldn’t make payments on my home, I was going to let it go to foreclosure. Josh happened to call me at the perfect time and surprised me with how caring he was about my situation. He turned my bad situation to a good one, and I am so thankful that I can now move on with my life and spend more time with my family. Thank you so much for caring and helping!”

-Lillian (sold her Gwynn Oak home to Impact Home Team in 8/2017)

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