Guide to Throwing a Summer Open House in Baltimore

Summertime… and the livin’s easy. It’s the perfect time to sell your Baltimore home. The weather is nice, people are out and about, and it’s the perfect time to throw an AMAZING open house. There are many ways you can take advantage of the warm temps and long days. Here are just a few ideas in … Continued

Land Buyers In MD – Read These Top Tips Find Them

Do you have vacant land that you want to sell? Then you’re probably searching right now for land buyers in MD who can buy your raw land. While there are many people who want to buy real estate with a house already on site, you might be having a harder time finding someone to buy your … Continued

What is a short sale and how does it benefit you in Baltimore MD?

What is a short sale and how does it benefit you here in Baltimore? If you’re thinking that question about yourself… great question! In this article we’ll dive into that question so you as a Baltimore MD home owner can tell what your options are during foreclosure or just if your home mortgage is underwater. … Continued

12 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

The average home selling price in the United States is currently $428,700. However, the exact price at which a home sells depends on a variety of factors. If you want to make sure that your home sells for as much money as possible, you might be wondering what you can do to make it happen.  Fortunately, there … Continued