Top 3 Tips to Selling Your House the FASTEST Way Possible

If you are looking for the fastest way to sell your house, check out the tips below!

When it’s time to sell a house, chances are you’ll want to sell as quickly as you possibly can. The quicker you sell your house, the less stress on your shoulders, and the sooner you can move on to the next chapter in your life. Especially today with Coronavirus precautions to consider, you’ll want to sell look for the fastest way to sell your house in order to avoid having showings for an extended period of time. Chances are the faster you can sell, the easier it will be on your entire household.

1. Have a realistic asking price

One good tip when wanting to sell a house fast is to have a realistic idea of what you think it should sell for. To do this you’ll need to have an understanding of what other properties in your neighborhood are selling for. Also, you’ll have to have a solid understanding of what kind of work (if any) your house needs. This isn’t to say, however, that you want to hand your house over free of charge. 

What it does mean is that you will not be able to obtain more than the market value.

A good way to get an idea of what to list at is to check around for other similar houses in the neighborhood that are also on the market. These houses are your “comps”. Check out the comps and use their prices as a foundation for your own. 

2. Sell Your House As-Is

When you sell your house as-is, you won’t have to spend time or money cleaning or making repairs in order to sell the house. You won’t have to sink money into a property, hoping that a buyer will come along to make it all worth it.

Selling your house as-is means you won’t have to spend money or time in advance of the sale making repairs, or improving the house. If you were to do repairs before selling, it’s a very time consuming process and it’s also quite expensive just to HOPE your buyer will like and appreciate the work you put into it.

Basically, you could spend a fortune on property repairs and upgrades, only to find yourself still listed as the property owner several months down the road. By selling as-is to a professional buyer, you’ll be able to know exactly what you are getting and when. You can also attempt to list your house as-is with an agent, but with all of the pretty properties on the MLS, the ones that are in need of repair are often looked over.

3. Look for the Right Buyer for Your House

There is a buyer out there for every property. It is your job to find the right one. Depending on your property and situation, the right buyer may prove to be an investor who is ready to close on your house right now without any hassle or runaround. Most investors are looking for homes to buy as-is and they are prepared to close right away.

Just be careful working with direct buyers. Some will try to low-ball you in hopes of scoring a great deal. They’ll prey on your urgency, taking advantage of you and your situation.

This is not the case with all cash buyers however. Many will provide you with a fair offer, doing everything possible to help you out of your difficult situation. Finding the right people to buy your house, will make it easy for you to sell the property as-is so you can finally move on.

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